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Default Re: Lakers, Clippers will pursue free agent Arenas

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
In my eyes its better for Kobe to guard slightly bigger and slower guys because Kobe himself is a very strong player. Im actually afraid of him guarding quicker and faster guys.

Gil is a very good pickpocket guy and thats about it but its not like we have great defense right now anyways. As long as we got our centers doing their job then there shouldn't be much to worry about defensively.

Even with Bynum and Ariza, we never were a "hold the opp to 70" type of defensive team.

I see where your comming from. I agree to a certain degree. I am just woried about a few other teams. Like the Pistons. Arenas cant handle Rip and Prince, so I dont see who he would guard. Also the Celtics with Ray Allen and Pierce. But those are only a few teams...
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