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Default Re: Bynum likely to return during first round of playoffs

Back when they made that move for Gasol and how they have been so tight lipped about Bynums progression, that made me feel that he would not be back for quite a while.

Today just confirms my suspicion.

Its like I tell all my friends... This season I will be content with getting out of the first round, anything less is dissapointment. Anything beyond the first round, is more than we REALISTICLY expected before the season began.

If we look at this whole season, this team has gone thru a mountain of change.

Farmar is considerably better. Bynum became a presence in the middle. We got Gasol for freakin' Kwame. And players like Sasha, VRad, and Ronnie are showing that they can do more than take up space.

Next season when this squad gets a whole training camp to mesh and build chemistry.. It will be all over... OVER...

Im just happy to see this team heading in the correct direction, something that has been lacking the past few seasons.
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