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Default Re: Not happy with Anderson Varejao

Originally Posted by mlh1981
I guess I just drank the Andy koolaid that was out in full supply last year.

Really been a bad year for him. Yeah, he's still young I guess, but not THAT young. At 25, there is room for improvement, but one would figure by now that he would've started making some of those improvement.

I still think he can contribute some hustle plays and rebounds, but man.........f uckin' HATE watching that flopping sh!t.

What the hell did he spend his offseason doing? It's a gut check time for him, but Mike Brown isn't the man to deliver that message. No consequences for players who underperform.

He's not going to GET any better. First off, he isn't smart enough. Second off, he's been in the league for three years, and his game hasn't changed one bit. He hasn't learned one new thing.

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