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Default I Dedicate This To Skywalker

I am a knick fan. I have been so over 25 years. They have always been a team that other teams enjoy trying to beat(last year everybody did). LB tanked our season. players don't like being blasted in the nedia. And what else to say about them jacked up rotations. The players quit. I played ball in college. I wouldn't have liked my coach to blast me, bench me whenever he pleased. But i would have respected my coach. The games we won were because of the few times LB settled on who he'd start. They could have won more.

But now for you "skywalker".......

KG isn't a top five talent no more. Not with Lebron, D. Wade(the NBA champ that K.G. isn't), Nowitki, Kobe, Duncan. In that order. Then you have nash, arenas, chris paul, j. terry, elton brand, chris bosh, tony parker, ginobili, rip hamilton. In that order. Even Ben wallace just because he is the best big man defender in the league. His defensive player the year awards say so. K.G. is like a 1996 well maintained Nissan Maxima. High mileage but well maintained. Nice car nut usually keeps it's high resale value. It's a good car. But, a 2002-2006 Honda Accord even the four cylinder model, most people would choose just because it's newer and just as reliable. But not you. Teams are not going to mortgage their futures and payroll for K.G. Even the best team K.G. ever played for skywalker, featured players who still provided matchup nightmares teams they play against. Cassell, Sprewell, Hudson is what got the T-wolves to the conference finals only to get crushed. Don't bash the knicks skywalker because your t-wolves have never ever made it to the finals. Year after year they lose to everybody and K.G. goes home sad. Even though I love my knicks, I want K.G. to go to Chicago. Just so they might have bad chemistry and they would trade possibly Ben Gordon, then knicks might get to keep their pick next year. As for your Raptors, they suck and have always sucked. Make predictions on them when there is hope. They suck. Period.

Skywalker, you are really a streetwalker. No matter where a person is reading, no matter what the topic is, here you come, the streetwalker. Offering some stale snatch nobody wants. I guess you live in Toronto, and work in Minny. That would explain how a professed fan can have two teams they root for. In the same sport. Most normal fans have a favorite team, and maybe a favorite player on a different team. I love my knicks, but I respect M.J. because he was the best. You are just a fool. I found that out for sure when you compared an established player to a rookie who has never played a game ever in the NBA. But then thats expected you root for perennial losers.

This is your forum skywalker. Enjoy it. You dumb a-s-s.

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