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Default Bynums Late set-return date, PROS & CONS, and playoff prefrences..

Ok so i know may are saying, this sucks at first we thought he would get a good 15 games with the team be4 playoffs, then it became 7 games and recently 2 games of practice before the playoffs

Now his return is the playoffs, and i like to see the silver [or gold] lining if you will..

Bynum not returning before the playoffs is a big skare to whoever we face in that first round, remember, although we dont know what product we have pottentialy, but neither does the other team there gameplan will not be suffice when facing the Lakeshow
they wont know how fill will use him when he will use him and wat the offense and defensive effect will be

so phil knows how to deal with talent and make it all hum just right

so far my teams that i would prefer seeing in the 1st round [in order]:

Golden State:
they can score, but we seemed to own them the past years, [hopefuly we dont lose our home and home against them b/c i said this..] and with LO gasol bynum bigs who can run, we will dictate tempo and win in 5

yes they are a contender but we matchup very well with them, they are not able to gaurd superstar guards [see kobes 62 in 3 qrt and wades finals performace] and both our wins against them we were with out bynum/ariza and 1 with out gasol ..just not a clutch team win in 5-6

NO: just by virtue that phil would be able to create a game/series plan and with just pau we would be able to take them add in bynum no prob..

Houston: that 22 games was not a fluke they rank 2nd in most Defensive catagories, but still when healthy we will be to much offensivly and enough defensivly [even more so with bynum and gasol]

PXH: i would love to see them meet, but im afraid they wont get out of the 1st round pending matchups.. theyr 1 strength they sold, we no longer have to worry about them going crazy with scoring, oneal is playing well not but bynums length is enough to take him out of the equation while adding more, amare will have a good series, but we can now score better then the suns and we play better D, kobe/lakers finaly get revenge in 6

Utah: a spurs like team they got confidence from last years wcf run, they are a complete team and well coached, i don not want to meet them in the playoffs LA in 7!!!!

and finally..

SA: the defending champs, yes we do matchup very well with them, and althoough they lost like 5 in a row give the champs respect NO ONE wants them in the 1st round, if they last past the first round then we'l do what we have to do 7

o ya and portland: if they have homecourt Portland in 4 lol jjjjjjk

so what do you guys think about both parts of the thread, agreements disagreements..

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