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Originally Posted by FabCasablancas
Why not say Dirk is the best player in the world right now? He did more with less than any player last season. He was far and away the MVP of the regular season and playoffs.

I don't know man. The most with the least? Dirk probably had the best supporting cast for a superstar outside of Wade (who beat him), and possibly Duncan (although the Mavs minus Dirk played better than the Spurs minus Duncan. I mean let's look at who had a worse supporting cast. So Dirk had JT, Howard, Harris, Stack, Griffin, Damp and Diop as starting calibur players. Kobe had Lamar and Mihm. Pierce had Wally (for a little while. Iverson had Iggy, Delambert, and I guess Korver. KG had Ricky. Bron had just as many starting calibur players, but they were all basically a degree below Dirk's team.


The only one better was Z than Dallas' two CT's, and the way he played, it wasn't by much.

Saying Dirk did the most with the least is ridiculous, because of the great team around him. And far and away the MVP? I'd put him in the top tier, and when it came down to voting, I'd have him, Nash, Kobe, and Bron all up there and all basically equal. Far and away the MVP is outlandish.
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