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Originally Posted by Locked_Up_Tonight
But I think the only reason you'd take Diop is because of his age + salary.

If Blount didn't get a fat contract he'd be just as valuable. The same with Mihm. Perkins is probably on par with Diop except he's more offenmsive minded.

I'm not saying the other guys are "better." But it isn't Diop's skills that makes him better than those other guys. It is because he's only 23(?) years old and has a small contract compared to his production.

I see what you're saying, but his salary didn't come into my head at all. I went by what each team would have preferred. I'm a Lakers fan, and I'd take Diop over Mihm (although I wouldn't want him now, seeing as Kwame's starting and all). He'd just be more of a defensive presence than Mihm. In Minni, they already have an amazingly talented big (KG), so I'd rather a defensive, rebounding big guy, than a scoring guy like Blount. Plus Blount's undersized at the CT position. And I'll be honest, I don't really know that much about Perkins, so I can't really comment on him. I just know (or maybe think) that he's a fairly mediocre player, who's basically just a stiff.
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