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Why not say Dirk is the best player in the world right now? He did more with less than any player last season. He was far and away the MVP of the regular season and playoffs.

I'll tell you why.

Because when you get so vastly outplayed in the finals by a player considered on roughly the same level as you......the other guy earned the right to be called better. Never mind this babble about who was guarded with more's a copout. Wade saw many doubles whether you're delusional a** wants to admit it or not. And he CARRIED the team to the title (who else was even scoring for them? it certainly wasn't Shaq).

If Dirk even played average ball for himself (which is GREAT), the Mavs are world champions. If Dirk played like he did the whole playoffs, the Mavs cruise, maybe even a sweep. But he didn't.

Dirk played well enough all year and the last several years to be called a top 5 player. But he didn't go out and EARN "best player in the game" status when it was there for the taking.
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