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[quote=RapsFan]Someone actually thinks Sheldon will average 14/9 as a rookie? that is hilarious. It's like the Toronto Raptor msg. board where guys think Fred Jones will be an all star.


Dude said Sheldon Williams was gonna put up some 28-point games as a rookie? Don't see it. Charlie Villanueva he is not.

From what I know of his game, and admittedly I don't know much, he's gonna be a putback-and-hustle scorer. It's not like they are gonna run plays for him. 28 points is a whole lotta putbacks. Hope he can knock down free throws and help the team that way.

I really didn't follow the draft class much this year...none of these cats are impressive to me. Extremely weak draft class. I know next to nothing about the NBA success potential of Roy, Foye, Aldrige, Williams, etc. None of them seemed impressive or overwhelmingly talented. Next year, if Oden and Noah continue to progress, we could see a really good draft, with more to rave about than Andrea Bargnani or Shelden Williams.
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