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Default Lakers Gauranteed To Make The Playoffs!

With my estimation the Lakers must just win 2 games minimum out of the last 11 games left of the season (10 after today). Here is why I say that they can lose all but 2 games:

1. Denver is down 7 games to the lakers. (11-7= 4). That would mean 4 games minimum right?

2. Well...Denver still has to go through Dallas, Phoenix(2times), Golden State(two times), Utah, & Houston out of their next 13 games. What are the odds that Denver will win all those games? I would say that at their best, they will still lose, at the minimum, 2 games if lucky playing against teams that have 40+ wins! That would mean even if they went 11-2 in the next 13 games, Lakers would just have to win 2 games to make the playoffs.

3. Golden State is 5.5 games behind the Lakers. In their next 14 games they will have to go through Lakers (2 times), Denver (2 times), Dallas (2 times), San Antonio, New Orleans, and Pheonix. Thats 9 games playing with teams that have 40+ wins. I would say if they even make the playoffs...they will be lucky...very lucky. Being that Denver has more of a favorable schedule (in my opinion). With 14 games left, what are the odds that the Warriors will be 10-4 in those games?

I say at the minimum, if the Lakers lose all but 2 games. They have a 99.9% chance of still makeing the playoffs.

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