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why is it always black people that you always see on the news about these thigns. I don't hear white people get busted with criminal conviciton crimes other than white collar crimes

i think this is how it happens

*pulled over by cops
"license and registration please" said the cop
"here you go officer" trailblazer
"whats that in the bag"
"eh its nothing"
"can i search your car"
"oh shit, he's searching our car" whispering trailblazer to his stoner buddy

white people/asians responses

"can i search your car"
"no you may not officer"
"why not, you got something to hide"
"no i don't officer, it is against my 4th amendment privileges against the rights to have illegal search and seizures without any probable cause", even with a pipe on the dash board
*see an assed out cop.
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