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Originally Posted by Skywalker

The thread starter said Rip Hamilton, Ben Wallace, Manu, Terry were better than KG. You knicks fans need to fess up to your idiocy and read some hooked on phonics becasue youre all dumb as hell.

Most people would take all those players over K.G. because they fill roles within their teams. Because of his ridiculous salary just like A.I., it is impossible to win if you trade for him. By the way the majority of all the players I mentioned know a little bit about something K.G. knows nothing about just like you sky.. i mean streetwalker. The NBA Finals.
That's all you could talk about my thread. Maybe you recognize truth. Or maybe you're just realized how stupid you are for rooting for teams that have not won s-h-i-t ever. Don't hate the knicks just because it's a money making franchise that people come to see. Or that they have the world's most famous arena to play in. Don't hate because the world's most famous arena the knicks play in also has it's own dedicated TV station via satellite all over world named MSG network.. Or even that the franchise has the highest dollar value in the NBA. Don't hate. Don't hate. But then again if I rooted for the T-wimps and raptures I'd hate too.

This is your thread man and It's not to flatter you. B-i-a-t-c-h!!!:stupid:
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