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Again, the Hawks missed an opportunity to draft a PG. I don't know what that idiot of a GM is thinking. I see his vision, of having 5 guys ranging in heigh 6'7-6'8 starting at the same time, spreading the offense, and creating havoc on the defense. It's lovely. But JJ is a combo guard trying to be a true point, and provide scoring. JJ has a great game. Solid defender, shoots the 3 decent enough, and has very few weakness I can point out. He should be their goto guy, the main offensive weapon. He'll still get 3-5 assist a game as a scorer, because he's unselfish. In Pho, when Nash was running the show, he shoot 47% from the 3. If he had Foye or another offensive threat, his 3FG% would increase. But I think Sheldon is a fine pick. I would have waited for next years draft, to draft a big man. It's so loaded with big talent. If Sheldon out-rebounds, out-hustles Zaza, he should become their starting center, despite his height. He plays with heart & passion. He probably won't get a DHoward type of rookie year, but his defense could become the anchor of the team. The Hawks also have good defenders in JJ and J-Smith. In heard that JS has gotta bigger and near the end of last season he was getting 3 blocks, 4 assist, 17points, 7 boards, and improved his 3FG%. He should be starting next year, no matter whom they got. He's their best defender, and the fans love his dunks. I'll watch a Hawks game, just to see him play.
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