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Default Re: Should the NBA Playoffs be best 16 records, regardless of conference

The NBA should get rid of the 82 game format and strictly evolve to tournament play. There is currently 30 teams in the NBA, add two additional franchises. Then have a total of three tournaments spanning from November to June These tournaments will feature best of seven series from all 32-teams. The way you set up the brackets is through lottery. Each team will be randomally placed in their brackets. There isn't 1v32 2v31 matchups. We won't know what teams will play. So it becomes highly unpredictable who matches up. And the way teams are picked randomally will determine who gets the four home games and what team gets the three road games.

First tournament Nov 1 - Jan 10: 2007-2008 Winter Ball
Second tournament Jan 28 - March 13: 2007-2008 Mid-Season Ball
Third tournament April 1 - May 30: 2007-2008 Road to the Finals
--> Bracket the third tournament according to their performance in the first two tournaments. Have 1v32 2v31, etc here since you have an idea how to bracket each team.

Make each tournament mean something. The big prize should go to the winner of the tournament. Say each tournament winner receives a check of $30 million. Second place, $25 million. Third place-fourth place $20 million. Fifth-8th place $15 million. 8th-16th place $10 million. 16th-32th place $5 million. The cash will be distributed to the team based on individual performance. Or some kind of formula dished out. Therefore, if you never pass the first round, you won't be rewarded a lot of money. And if you make a lot of money, you must play on a good team, and very talented.

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