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Default NBA Street Vol. 2

I've played numerous basketball video games, from NBA Live 97 to NBA Jam to 2K8 to Live 2005 to pretty much everything in between, and this game - NBA Street Vol. 2 - is the best basketball video game I've ever played. It's simply the most fun game you can ever play. I should also mention I've played both NBA Street and Street V3, but not NBA Street Homecourt. The moves you can pull off in Street Vol. 2 are just phenomenal from the dunks to passes to blocks to shots to dribbles, etc. Plus it has really good music. It is just the most fun you'll have with a basketball video game (in my opinion). I'm playing it right now on the PS2 and I would say it's the best game I have for the system. This is just some appreciation for the game.

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