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Originally Posted by Mathius
He also wants to win a championship. Your response is so f'ed up on several levels. you obviously know nothing of finances.

THERES A CLAUSE in his contract that MAKES HIM MORE MONEY if he goes to a big market. STFU and stop calling people out. its obvious you can't bear to think lebron might leave but jesus christ theres at least a good possibility.

You're implying that his quest to become a billionaire is a direct connection to his basketball career, and defeating yourself at your own game.
Legacy's are built on winning, period.

Did you just imply his money isn't tied to his basketball career? WTF.

Do you know how f'ing ridiculous you sound?
i think you did a pretty good job at sounding ridiculous you got it covered bro

Darfur? Name one big named superstar athlete that gives a f*ck about Darfur? Ira Newble? Big name there.
uh... how about you're whole damn team sherlock. they all signed the petition except for lebron and damon.
Lebron had an opportunity to use his celebrity athlete status as a political force but he shied away because Nike asked him not to. Lebron is NIKE's best basketball star right now they aren't going to fire him. He could've made a stand but he is not the type of guy to be concered with human rights issues.

the only reason i even mention this is that it shows you a little about his personal ethics. if he doesn't give two ****s about those people over there i'm sure he wouldn't give two ****s about leaving a brokenhearted fan like you crying in the corner after he dipsets to brooklyn. if it suits his needs.

Can you even tell me where Darfur is without looking at a map or googling it?
sudan *******.


why the hell do you sign your posts just to let everyone know what you just said was some wacked out homer ****?

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