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The Nets are my least favourite team in the League (I'm a Raptors fan), but they have some very good young players. Sean Williams is going to be a stud defensive PF, with decent offensive upside. Nachbar is tremendous shooter, with good size and athleticism for the 3, and Harris/Williams will be a very solid PG combo. If they can kick lose that cancer Carter…and add Lebron, that would be a tremendous young team come 2010.

Aside from the Lebron the Cavs have either severely aging veterans, scrubs, or limited roleplayers (with the exception of West who will be a very legit starting PG with great D). The Cavs don't sucks by any means...but there are many teams with better prospects in terms of winning, and a much bigger media market to profit from.

I would be very surprised to see Lebron remain there after his contract is up...the management has done poor job of cap management and talent acquisition…and as good as Lebron is free agents do not want to live in Cleveland, so it will very hard to get a legit 2nd option for him.
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