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Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
Who said that we won't get a C or PF in the future. This season we even have a chance to draft Roy Hibbert..... who do you think Lebron would rather play with Devin Harris or Delonte West. Devin Harris >>>>>>> Delonte West. Why would he want to stay with the Cavs i see them being like the Timberwolves with KG getting angry asking for a traded except in this situation he would sign with the Nets via FA.

Oh Boy!! Roy Hibbert. Possibly one of the most overrated players in college basketball this year. Look if he can't help his own team win against Davidson, (Who I have in my elite 8 this year, losing to Kansas tomorrow.. uh thank you) How can he help the nets going against people like Dwight Howard and other freak centers. He's slow as anything. But go ahead, draft him.. I'm terrified.

The thing with KG with the 'wolves can't even compare to LeBron and the Cavs. KG was always unhappy because they never gave him anything close to a supporting cast minus the year they did decent with Sprewell and Cassell and when Olowokandi was actually decent. But the main thing is, they never WON. LeBron has had a winning record every year with the cavs except his first season. They're doing ok with that. 52-30 last year. Try to think about things before you make an argument there champ.
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