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Originally Posted by InLebronWeTrust
Oh Boy!! Roy Hibbert. Possibly one of the most overrated players in college basketball this year. Look if he can't help his own team win against Davidson, (Who I have in my elite 8 this year, losing to Kansas tomorrow.. uh thank you) How can he help the nets going against people like Dwight Howard and other freak centers. He's slow as anything. But go ahead, draft him.. I'm terrified.

The thing with KG with the 'wolves can't even compare to LeBron and the Cavs. KG was always unhappy because they never gave him anything close to a supporting cast minus the year they did decent with Sprewell and Cassell and when Olowokandi was actually decent. But the main thing is, they never WON. LeBron has had a winning record every year with the cavs except his first season. They're doing ok with that. 52-30 last year. Try to think about things before you make an argument there champ.

You're right about Hibbert, he's not gonna scare too many people even with his 7'2". He would probably just be a rotational player for the Nets, joining Krstic, Williams, and Boone. That group isn't great, especially since there isn't a big-time scoring threat down low. Krstic can stretch the floor on offense, Wiliams can block shots, and Hibbert can try and be an impact down low on both ends. He's mainly a bench player, but he could probably be a really ****ty team's starter. I think LeBron's got a good supporting cast around him, and if Gibson keeps developing into the #2 option, and at least keeps shooting at a high percentage from three point range, LeBron and the Cavaliers will always be contenders in the weak East. Boston's not gonna be a factor for years down the line, and I don't think Detroit will be up to par once Billups and Wallace start deteriorating, so maybe Cleveland could start dominating the East in a few years. If I'm LeBron, it might not be a bad idea to stick around.
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