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Default We Now Know Derrick Rose's Weakness

HOUSTON Derrick Rose was not getting stitches.

No way. No how.

You see, Rose has a fear of needles. No, make that a debilitating phobia of them.

He was told he needed as many as four stitches to close up a gash above his right eye after a collision during Memphis' 92-74 win over Michigan State on Friday in the South Regional semifinal.

That news ruined any celebration he had in mind after scoring a game-high 27 points despite missing almost eight minutes in the second half dealing with the injury.

Rose came stalking out of the locker room, yelling, ranting and on the verge of tears. He only calmed down when team officials agreed to glue the cut and forget the stitches.

"I'm terrified of needles," he said. "If I would have got stitches, they would have had to stick a needle right above my eye. So I was pouting, stormed out of the locker room. I was mad."

Rose, who is averaging 14 points per game, isn't sure what brought on this fear, but he vividly remembers an event from his childhood that didn't help.

When he was 7, he fell off his bicycle and another child ran over his head with a bike, causing a large wound on the back of his head.

"The nurses at the hospital were holding him down and he was so scared he broke away from them and got up," his mother, Brenda Rose, said in a phone interview. "So they had to tape him to the gurney and do the stitches. He was mad at everyone that day."

But he remembers being miffed at one person in particular.

Wow hes going to have to get past that fear if he wants to play in the NBA,you have guys like Kobe throwing elbows around after they shoot the ball.
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