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Default Re: We Now Know Derrick Rose's Weakness

Originally Posted by Interminator
And yours is ISH,limp dick,computer porn,and lack of a social life.

Sounds fair.
So I'm a top 5 pick?

Originally Posted by thenextgreatbigman
his jumpshot was on last night and dribble drives are a part of their offense. I know that he tries to do too much off the dribble and it gets him in trouble.

He's one of those guys who's game translates much better in the nba than college and Caliparis system.

Oh I'm a big fan of Derrick, don't get me wrong. I'm just being realistic. His jump shot was on against MSU the other night, against guys I call great defenders in Walton and Lucas, but I still consider it a weakness. It could be just the same as Corey Brewer last season and wouldn't doubt it if it was. I agree, Calipari's system is flawed. He's the same type of coach Bill Self is, get a bunch of talented players to cover up your weakness as a coach. In the end, talent will prevail most of the time.

Like I said, I'm a big, big Derrick fan--and I'd love to have Derrick on the Nets. I say this with Devin Harris looking like he's closing the gap between him and Deron and Chris Paul as the best point guards for the future. I also say this after he stringed along my college university and played us like suckers. Should tell you how much of a fan I am.
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