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Default Re: We Now Know Derrick Rose's Weakness

Originally Posted by wang4three
So I'm a top 5 pick?
Late Lottery.;)

Originally Posted by wang4three
Oh I'm a big fan of Derrick, don't get me wrong. I'm just being realistic. His jump shot was on against MSU the other night, against guys I call great defenders in Walton and Lucas, but I still consider it a weakness. It could be just the same as Corey Brewer last season and wouldn't doubt it if it was. I agree, Calipari's system is flawed. He's the same type of coach Bill Self is, get a bunch of talented players to cover up your weakness as a coach. In the end, talent will prevail most of the time.
Hey,not every PG's jumpshot is truly consistent.Rose is an exciting Combo Guard who if he learns to tone it down a little bit could be a good ScG in the NBA.
If he can average 16/6/5 in the NBA I think he'd be of some success.

Originally Posted by wang4three
Like I said, I'm a big, big Derrick fan--and I'd love to have Derrick on the Nets. I say this with Devin Harris looking like he's closing the gap between him and Deron and Chris Paul as the best point guards for the future. I also say this after he stringed along my college university and played us like suckers. Should tell you how much of a fan I am.
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