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Default Re: We Now Know Derrick Rose's Weakness

Originally Posted by niko
you make it sound like the boy got no game. he's been balling so far. not sure what you are watching.

Look at two posts above yours. It tells you how big of a fan of Derrick I am. Perhaps I should have added something for your own edification.

It's necessary criticism--he will need to work on those things to get himself ready for the NBA. Ofcourse, I'd take him #1 overall still with those faults but he'll have a Mike Conley Jr. type of season--great in some games, bland in others. Which is not bad, but you'll have to point to a mixture of those weaknesses as to why.

The most ready freshman for the NBA in my opinion is Kevin Love. He's just so well polished for the NBA. Beasley being a tweener is going to be a big adjustment at the next level. Gordon..has went from the best player in the start of the season to obscurity. Derrrick is an opportunity, but there's still a lot of questions. Kevin is ready, no doubt about it in my mind.

Originally Posted by thenextgreatbigman
Brewer had horrible form and shot the ball well for like 3 games in the tournament, rose on the other hand has a good looking form and gets most of his shots off the dribble. There's room for improvement and he'll get it down in a few years.

And how many games has Derrick played? He's still shooting 65% from the line. Derrick has been shooting well but the small sample of 3 tournament games is still yet to convince me. It's still an area he'll need to work on.

brewer should have never been drafted anywhere near the first round, he's not all that athletic and has a hard time putting the ball on the floor. Can play some good defense but he can thank florida for his nice rookie contract.

I whole-heartily disagree. Corey has game. It's unfortunate that he's on a team with no real identity. Corey's a team player--he needs to be on a real team to showcase his talent. When you have guys all playing for themselves and carry a losing attitude, Corey's game gets lost in the mix. He has all-around talent and is just in the wrong situation. He wasn't a lotto pick to me, but a first rounder? Hell yes.
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