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Default Re: We Now Know Derrick Rose's Weakness

Originally Posted by Interminator
Derrick Rose has an ugly shooting form also.

Corey Brewer although wasnt athletic or great at anything else did have a good year and good postseason workouts which got him drafted at #7,Brewer had the ideal size at 6'9 and eight at 190 to at least do something in the NBA.
rose has a nice, guick release that you want from your point guard. Hitting that pull up jumper from the FT line can really open up the court for the whole team, in the half court and on the break.

Brewer was a stick that would have never went in the top 20 if he didn't play for florida.

Originally Posted by wang4three
I whole-heartily disagree. Corey has game. It's unfortunate that he's on a team with no real identity. Corey's a team player--he needs to be on a real team to showcase his talent. When you have guys all playing for themselves and carry a losing attitude, Corey's game gets lost in the mix. He has all-around talent and is just in the wrong situation. He wasn't a lotto pick to me, but a first rounder? Hell yes.
i loved him in college but he has role player written all over him. Not really someone i waste a lottery pick on. He could be a bruce bowen with a better offense down the road but bowen didn't even get drafted.
He'd be a solid contributor on a real team.

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