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Default Who to draft ?

So the college year is about over, and Cavs are pretty much locked in to a pick around #18-20. That gives us a pretty good idea who might be available, so the question is who do we want ?

Personally I'm hoping Cavs go for a bigman. Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and Z are all in their 30's, and Andy isnt exactly an allstar. Plus we have an abundance of PGs and swingmen.

So the question is who ? Guys who might be available around the Cavs pick are:

Darrell Arthur
Roy Hibbert
Marreese Speights
Javele McGee
Robin Lopez
Hasheem Thabeet
Tyler Hansbrough
And more..

Basically a lot of potential out there considering how low a pick it is, who do you like and do you think the Cavs will be able to get someone decent ?
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