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I don't follow college ball much, so I'm pretty much useless as far as specifics. I know a little about Hibbard, because I watched OH state play Georgetown last year, but I don't think I've heard of anyone else on that list.

I wouldn't waste the pick on a center there, there have been too many busts at that position to bother with, especially in the "draft a project late in the draft" category.

I think the Cavs need to take the best scorer possible at that position, with emphasis on a pure shooter or a PF type.

I think with the addition of Delonte West, and having Lebron on the team already, the biggest thing we lack is a second scorer. If we can get that from a big man, or a shooter, that would be best. SG and PF are our weak positions as I see it.

I think Ben Wallace is still a beast defensively, but adds nothing on offense.

I honestly don't see a quality big man being available that late in the draft anyways.

I would also be looking at trades, if there is any interest, or look for someone to fall, like Marcus Williams did last year, or Sean Williams this year.

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