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Default Re: FF7: Crisis Core

Originally Posted by El Kabong
Yea, I hated that too, which is why I started liking games like Kingdom Hearts better then FF. It ruins the flow of a game with the constant stopping and starting with battles. I played FF8 all the way through, but gave up with 9 and halfway through 10, and didn't bother with the others after that. What are they up to now, 13 or something?

I want to get this though. I liked the Dirge Of Cerberus game on PS2 (Although it was short and repetative). I have no idea if/when Crisis Core is coming out in Australia. I actually haven't bought a PSP game since Vice City Stories came out.

Dirge of Cerberus got a lot of very harsh reviews, but when I rented it, I enjoyed it. Made it passed the first boss at least. Lots of cut scenes. References to characters I barely remembered from FF7.

I never cared for the way they modeled Sephiroth's face to look like some sort of monster in Advent Children, but apparently they used it again in Crisis Core. Looney or not, Sephiroth was always a handsome guy in FF7.

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