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Vince carter would be a better choice. but vince should realize by now that a championship means more than a bigger wallet. he already has all the money he could ever spend. Don't be surprised if vince carter winds up with cleveland or miami. They known for pulling deals like this especially Pat riley.
Chauncey will stay in detroit. that was the only team who believed in him. and it features a system where he can thrive. He can play point all he wants and also can freely shoot the ball without question from teammates or coaches. he wouldn't have that freedom in memphis. Just ask J-will. The same thing J-will was doing in memphis taking 3 seconds off the clock threes and blind passes, is exactly what he was doing in miami. And he won a championship. In one of those games either 5 or six when J-will shot i believe 11 for 11 before missing a few nobody talked about him hoisting ill-advised shots. Pat riley wanted him to always take an open shot. something his previous 2 teams could not appreciate. What you gonna do if Chauncey which is just like him starts jacking up shot when pau starts passing? Chauncey won't come to memphis. trust me.
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