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Default Re: How about having Classic/Old school forum?

Originally Posted by Psileas
Lakerfan, I agree. Every major board has a forum about history or player comparisons. Here, ISHers prefer having forums for electronic games, sneakers, WNBA. Give me a break. Is this that tough to add one subforum more?

The problem with this is that plenty of these threads are highjacked by posters without knowledge/care about history, who just want to increase their post count or just troll (BULLS, SRZwhatever, etc). By creating a history forum, only people who actually care a bit will mind to perform a little more clicking (see: OT threads), not just any random Joe.

i agree wholeheartedly p-s

when a decent old school thread gets going, it can also get bumped way down on the forum listing and then eventually get lost

i would probably go directly to a old school/history forum and spend even less time in the regular one

i support the idea 100%

how about it jeff?
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