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Default Re: How about having Classic/Old school forum?

Originally Posted by Lakerfan1-Iceland
Hi mods how about creating a classic basketball discussion forum? We have street ball,video games and teams etc etc etc.
I wouls love to have a forum like that for those who want to discuss the 80s Celtics,Lakers and 76ers. For guys wanting to talk about Adrian Dantley,Moses Malone,James Worthy,Tom Chambers and others.

The reason i ask is everynow and then i see a interesting thread on the main page, like the other day there was a wery interesting discussion and question about Kevin McHale and his post moves then when i went too check it it had gone all the way back to page 4 or 5. And htis happens all the time unless it is a Jordan thread.

It would be great for us older hoop heads and i think fun for some younger kids postin here to have the option to check that forum out as well and learn a little about the old school game.
Me beeing a old hoop head though just sounds wrong but i watched the nba from 1990 and until today and have gotten my hands on a lot of games from the 80s as well. Would really like to have a forum like this here on insidehoops.

I like the idea of this Retro NBA forum.
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