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Originally Posted by jailer
First off the only players to wear the band for bonzi was j-will,stro,and posey all of which are gone.coincidence I think not secondly j-will was not a vet when he got here he was that young brash exciting playmaker brought in to sell tickets.

Wrong dude. he was brought in too replace a dull playmaker. They wanted to go in a new direction. They felt J-will would bring more energy to the team and that would produce more wins which it did. Selling tickets had nothing to do with it. The arena still stays empty. It's not an NBA town yet. If that were the case the would have inquired about C-webb at that time. Sac got the better end of the deal anyway because bibby fit the coaches style of play. By the way two of those three above are champs now and played signifcant roles on a championship team. Thank Jerry for that. All you got now is a player nobody thinks is any good anymore. That is why riles got rid of him. Sometimes championships are made by gutting your whole roster and putting players in place who believe in their coach and vice versa.
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