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Originally Posted by Mathius
You're so clueless it's laughable. Did you know Dwayne Wade was answering phones the other day for season ticket holders? Fact. Printed in the newspaper. Fact. That's what this so-called superstar is up to these days.

um... yeah exactly. is he in your 5? tmobile doesn't seem to give a **** that hes losing. and nike sure didn't drop him. he has had at least as many commercials as lebron.

What the hell makes you think NJ is going to be in better shape by 2009 than the Cavs?

because the have devin harris and richard jefferson. vince carter will most likely be shipped out for young players, cap space, and draft picks. sean williams might be a shot blocking leader by 2010. the nets have a lot of potential. cavs can't really match that. yeah they can get back near the salary cap limit but they can't get under it enough to bring a player in that would match a supporting cast of devin harris and jefferson.

You're talking about an organization with a history of losing up until a guy named Jason Kidd came around, unless you want to go back to the ABA days.

have the cavs ever won a championship? i don't think so correct me if i'm wrong.

The Cavs have a chance to dump Ben Wallace, Devin Brown, Delonte West, Joe Smith, Eric Snow, Wally S, and Damon Jones before Lebron's contract is up. We don't even have to do anything, just let them expire. Do you know how much money that adds up to? Don't talk to me about NJ's cap space.

a chance to dump ben wallace... i guess. if somebody wants to take on that expirer and hand the cavaliers a good player then maybe you've got that Gasol-In-Your-Lap luck but I wouldn't bet on it. devin brown is negligable on the salary cap. delonte west is a good young pg with a low salary i don't see a point in dumping him. ilgauskas sure won't pass up on his contract option in 2009...

NJ has a much better salary cap situation.

And how does that logic work? Because there are more people living in Brooklyn? Is that what you're insinuating works? Lebron is global now. He can't get any bigger. The only way he's going to make any more money is outside of basketball, and those sales are going to be directly propelled by him winning.

okay you're a fool for saying lebron can't get any bigger. he hasn't even won a championship yet. he has the potential to have a legacy similar to michael jordan. he's that good. he's going to get A LOT bigger.

yeah there are more people in brooklyn and new york. you know all of new york is going to be rooting for brooklyn if they get lebron and probably even if they don't. also new jersey and the non-celtic small east coast states...
yes winning helps your sales but the local market is important too. you see a lot more lebron jerseys in ohio than anywhere else obviously. theres a much bigger opportunity to sell jerseys and gear in brooklyn than in cleveland. thats why nike even bothers to include motivation for him to leave cleveland.

I don't consider your ideas rational. Bringing up Darfur, and the fact that he has Chosen One on his back, or his reaction to a question about Starbury basketball shoes. Those are the kind of juvenile, uneducated responses I expect from this board.

one problem is that I never said anything about his tattoo or starburys. like i said the darfur thing is just speculation on his personality so don't worry about it if you don't follow my reasoning.

As if you can judge a celebrity by what you hear in the media. You want to question his values? How about the fact that he's stuck by his high school sweetheart through 5 years in the NBA, he's grown up here and had a huge house built in the area, because he's obviously happy here. See? I can play on media stories too. The fact is, nobody knows what Lebron is like except the people he hangs out with daily.

so then why are you talking about him like you have a better idea of who he is?
you don't think he's cheated on his girl multiple times?
you don't think he would purchase a big house no matter what? he's rich man.

You guys talk about his relationship with Jay-Z as if he isn't just simply allowed to have friends. No way, it must be business related! I sure as hell wouldn't work for my best friend. WAY too many complications there.

its not like Jay Z would be his boss he's just a part owner.

1. I don't have an idealistic view of $hi+. If Lebron left Cleveland, I wouldn't follow his basketball career anymore than any other guy in the league. I followed this franchise long before he came around, and will long after. But if you guys are going to spout ridiculous drivel, I'll pipe in from time to time.
you'd probably cry or at least get really upset
2. YOU dismiss the fact that just about our whole roster except for Z, Andy, and Sasha expires before Lebron's contract is up. Don't talk to me about NJ's cap space, because I'll just laugh in your face. YOU overlook the fact that Lebron grew up watching this franchise, never mind a relationship with his friend he met after becoming a superstar, AND the fact that Dan Gilbert has already proven he's not afraid to dump as much cash as necessary to both sign good players, AND renovate and update the Q, to keep it as fun an atmosphere as possible.

you'll laugh in my face? in 2009-10 the cavs have a salary commitment of 52 million... not much room to get help. The Nets? 34 Million. Enough to offer Lebron a max contract. By the way that 34 million is assuming the Nets still have that massive Vince Carter contract on the books.

and by the way Jay Z met Lebron way back in high school, not after becoming a superstar.

Your whole big thing is, you say Lebron is leaving because of Jay Z, and his Nike contract, but you can't list a single reason why he shouldn't be happy where he is.
I think he'll go where he has the best opportunity to win a championship. The Nets have a better young core than Cleveland. If Lebron can carry a bottom dweller team (without him) to the Finals imagine what he could do with an actual well built supporting cast.

And lastly, you don't have a damn clue what Cleveland fans are all about. Because we have more team spirit, more loyalty than any other city in the world, and you'll NEVER understand that.

LOL don't get sentimental especially since I never said anything about Cleveland fans. I just called you a homer by the way you're looking at this issue.
Whats your sellout streak by the way? I don't think Cleveland has the best fans sorry. Your whole franchise is about one player I don't think you'd have a strong fanbase without him. Cleveland is not known for great fans the way the Pistons, Warriors, Kings are. And I guess the Celtics this season.

If Lebron leaves, that would be his loss, not ours. We'll be here long after he's gone.

Haha HIS LOSS? LOL Lebron James is the best thing to ever happen to Cleveland you act like somehow he would have more to lose by leaving than you. You're crazy.
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