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Originally Posted by final.wrath
because the have devin harris and richard jefferson. vince carter will most likely be shipped out for young players, cap space, and draft picks. sean williams might be a shot blocking leader by 2010. the nets have a lot of potential. cavs can't really match that. yeah they can get back near the salary cap limit but they can't get under it enough to bring a player in that would match a supporting cast of devin harris and jefferson.

Again, laughable. Harris is nobodies superstar. He's making it in this league because he's fast. Period. Jefferson is solid, but you seem to forget he plays the same damn position as Lebron.

And you keep bringing up cap space as if that's a legitimate building block. When was the last time a team signed a free agent that took them to the promise land?

Teams are built on good drafts, key trades, and picking up solid veteran free agents to fill in the gaps.

Cap space is so overrated, I could puke. Orlando just spent a whole s-load of money on Rashard Lewis and he isn't even the SECOND best forward on his team.

have the cavs ever won a championship? i don't think so correct me if i'm wrong.

Right, but NJ has? Oh wait. No they haven't. They won 2 in the ABA. This is the NBA. Next.

a chance to dump ben wallace... i guess. if somebody wants to take on that expirer and hand the cavaliers a good player then maybe you've got that Gasol-In-Your-Lap luck but I wouldn't bet on it. devin brown is negligable on the salary cap. delonte west is a good young pg with a low salary i don't see a point in dumping him. ilgauskas sure won't pass up on his contract option in 2009...

NJ has a much better salary cap situation.

Why am I even arguing with you? You can't even read.

Nobody brought up Z except in an earlier discussion about him being Lebron's favorite player. And you completely ignore the fact that I said our whole roster is expirer, and try to mince words on a few players salaries.

And again. Cap space is overrated as hell.

okay you're a fool for saying lebron can't get any bigger. he hasn't even won a championship yet. he has the potential to have a legacy similar to michael jordan. he's that good. he's going to get A LOT bigger.

No, he's not. Not as a basketball player he isn't. His game will get better, but he can't get any more popular, period. His business success will get bigger, but not his basketball image. Whether he stays in Cleveland, or goes to NY, means nothing to his basketball popularity. He can't get any bigger.

Not unless people just stop rooting for their favorite players altogether and just jump on Lebron's bandwagon.

one problem is that I never said anything about his tattoo or starburys. like i said the darfur thing is just speculation on his personality so don't worry about it if you don't follow my reasoning.

Gee, that's because as usual, you can't read. Nobody on this board can apparently. I referenced the entire board when I made that statement.

That's why it says,

Originally Posted by Mathius
Those are the kind of juvenile, uneducated responses I expect from this board.

so then why are you talking about him like you have a better idea of who he is?

For the simple fact that I DO have a better idea of who he is. The reason I have a better idea of who he is, is because _I_ don't make stupid assumptions about him.

You've filled in his life history and opinions with a bunch of bs you surmised, or read somewhere. I have a blank slate, and therefore that means I can't be wrong.

you'll laugh in my face? in 2009-10 the cavs have a salary commitment of 52 million... not much room to get help. The Nets? 34 Million.

Where the hell are you getting these numbers? Every one of the players we just picked up either expire outright before James, or will be tradable because they will expire the same time. That doesn't include Damon Jones, Eric Snow, or Devin Brown who weren't part of any trade.

And don't tell me nobody will want to trade for cap space, with Lebron and Wade going into the market the following season.

Enough to offer Lebron a max contract. By the way that 34 million is assuming the Nets still have that massive Vince Carter contract on the books.



Hey genius. Because Lebron already plays for the Cavs? They can match any offer he gets, because they're allowed to go over the cap to resign him. It's called Bird rights.

That means the Cavs can offer him more money than anyone else. Period. Unless Dan Gilbert runs out of money.

and by the way Jay Z met Lebron way back in high school, not after becoming a superstar.

Lebron was a superstar in high school, moron.

I think he'll go where he has the best opportunity to win a championship. The Nets have a better young core than Cleveland. If Lebron can carry a bottom dweller team (without him) to the Finals imagine what he could do with an actual well built supporting cast.

So what then? You're whole argument is that NJ's GM is better than the Cavs GM? Is that the bottom line?

That's extremely debatable.

LOL don't get sentimental especially since I never said anything about Cleveland fans. I just called you a homer by the way you're looking at this issue.
Whats your sellout streak by the way? I don't think Cleveland has the best fans sorry. Your whole franchise is about one player I don't think you'd have a strong fanbase without him. Cleveland is not known for great fans the way the Pistons, Warriors, Kings are. And I guess the Celtics this season.

Dude. You don't have a clue. This city has been supporting the Cavs, Browns, and the Indians through more losing seasons than any other team in the history of sports. We have 0 titles, period. We have a few trips to the World Series, and 1 Eastern Conference Championship. But we're still there day after day, week after week supporting our teams.

Our loyalty was so much that the Browns were awarded a chance at a new franchise less than a month after Art Modell stole the team away in the night.

So don't even try to argue to me about all these other cities, because it isn't even close.

Haha HIS LOSS? LOL Lebron James is the best thing to ever happen to Cleveland you act like somehow he would have more to lose by leaving than you. You're crazy.

No, I'm not crazy, I'm a Cleveland sports fan. You don't have a clue what that's about.


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