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Originally Posted by final.wrath
uh... Shaq for one.

That was a perfect storm and you damn well know it. The Lakers turned Shaq into a title 2 years later AFTER they made some more key trades and signings, which is what I damn well said in the first place. AND they banked heavily on the fact that Kobe developed as planned. If Kobe hadn't panned out, the Shaq signing is worthless. Just who does NJ OR Cleveland have on their roster that's going to turn into another Kobe? ( and don't say Lebron retard, you know what I'm talking about )

Signing Lebron and providing him with a decent supporting cast is all you need to be a contender. Look at the crap Cleveland has around him.

You've got a very interesting idea of what a "contender" is, considering the West is stacked as hell. You think Cleveland got embarassed in the Finals soley because Lebron has "crap" around him? Right now Boston is the only team that could contend with the West, period. Moving Lebron around to a bunch of crap rosters isn't going to change that.

im saying they're in the same boat as cleveland you kept ragging on New Jersey for being a program with a history of losing... so is cleveland.

Great, so here you go talking in circles again. Can't you even stay with one point? First you say NJ is a better situation for him, and then you point out that neither franchise has a history of winning. Then later, you don't give a very committed answer about NJ having a better GM, so WTF? You think the practice will change?

okay you're whole roster is not expirers... what the hell...

Close enough. The only guys off the top of my head who won't, is Andy, Sasha, and Z. Z isn't going anywhere at this point, unless he's good for a big trade, and Sasha and Andy are what they are. Andy might be worth something in a trade at some point, and Sasha has been a huge disappointment to some (not me, because I pretty much knew he was crap).

I brought up Z because he's relevant to the cav's cap space. just because you didn't mention him doesn't mean he can't be mentioned.

No, he isn't relevant, because he's worth every penny he's making. Without Z, this team goes nowhere, Lebron or no Lebron. He's probably the most underrated center in the league. He can hit an open jumper out to about 18 feet, so that means he creates huge spacing issues for the defense. He is always among the league leaders in offensive rebounds, and his defensive rebounds go up with his minutes. I could go on and on about Z.

okay keep saying that you're a fool Lebron has only played 5 years now jesus. he's only going to get better and more popular.

Yeah, you're right. Lebron will get more popular when Kobe retires and all his ******gers have to transfer their loyalty somewhere. You can't go up from the top, retard. Is anyone making more money than him that's an active player? Shaq maybe? Wade? Doubtful.

I filled in his life history? Whaaaat? I made one statement about that Darfur situation and also his relationship with Jay Z I gave an article. You are a hilarious opponent.

Yeah, _I'm_ hilarious. You go on a rant about how unethical Lebron is based on one god damn article you read and then use that as a direct correlation as to how that's why he's going to leave his current team because his friend is building a team, and MY logic is flawed?

Okay I stand corrected. Apparently the opt out clause is for the summer of 2010 not 2009.

That's a pretty big god damn oversight, pal.

lol but remember how overrated cap space is

No crap, but that's not going to stop other teams from trading for it, hoping that Lebron will leave for their team. They almost have to. Their owners are going to be breathing down their neck wanting to get out of their cap situations, because owners don't want to waste money, and their fans are going to be *****ing for them to do something to get Lebron, or Wade. The only teams this isn't going to effect are the ones who are already contenders and happy with what they have.

yeah i know what bird rights are. i'm just saying new jersey can make a legit offer. never did I say cleveland can't pay him the same or more money.

Ok, mince words again. "I didn't say Cleveland can't pay him more. I just said":
Originally Posted by final.wrath
The Nets? 34 Million. Enough to offer Lebron a max contract. By the way that 34 million is assuming the Nets still have that massive Vince Carter contract on the books.

Oh, btw. I'd love to see how the Nets are going to have 34 million in cap space and still resign these great budding young superstars you're ranting about (Devin Harris, Richard Jefferson).

You're a joke.

if you say so. you aren't a superstar to me unless you succeed in the NBA.

Why the hell do you think people on this board hate him so much? Because people were calling him the next Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson before he even came out. I'd be willing to bet he had more people watching his h.s. games than over half the college arenas get in attendance, and possibly some nba games.

He also had an a$$load of media coverage already. That's not the definition of a superstar? Get a life.

lol i never said anything like that but its probably true.

I don't even know what the hell that uncommitted response is supposed to mean? What's probably true? That NJ has a better GM, or that it's debatable?

in terms of NBA fanbase cleveland isn't top 5.

I can't wait to hear where you came up with that statistic.

That's the problem with you retards that have to rank everything. It's just f'ing numbers.

I know we have the best damn fans because I watched them out there rooting for losers like Corey Snyder, Craig Ehlo, Gerald Wilkins, Brook Jacoby, Ira Newble, Wesley Person, Lamond Murray, Tim Couch, Holocomb, etc. making them look like they were heroes when they were bench players on any other team in their respective leagues.


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