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Default Why Network play is pis$ing me off.

Network play can be a blast, but there are two issues with it that make me unable to stand it.

The first, and biggest, is that game developers aren't bothering with making any multiplayer games you can just play at home on your system. The moment the PS2 came out with a modem, the multi-tap became useless except for sports games. Every other system since has followed suite.

Gone are the days on my N64 when I'd get 4 guys gathered around the system to play Turok 2 and have an awesome death match party. I picked up a game lately that said it was 1-4 player, and 1-4 players network. False advertising. The only way to play with 4 players locally was to log into the network.

The second reason, is nothing I would think the gaming industry can help, but is directly the fault of gamers.

There are too many damn people out there with no lives, that play a new game every single night, until the casual gamer can't log on and play without getting their a$$es kicked in.

I remember in the days when Doom 2 was big online and I was in high school, and I had the time to hang online all night and play for hours, but as an adult? Forget it, I have things to do, AND I don't have the attention span to sit there in front of one game for hours anymore.

Any one else feel this way, or am I just getting too old?

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