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Default O'Neal Chafing At 20-Minute Limit

He deserves it, after missing 33 games, no coach is going to let you play more than 20 mins and risk another injury.

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Jermaine O'Neal doesn't agree with coach Jim O'Brien's insistence on limiting him to twenty minutes a game, according to the Indianapolis Star.

O'Neal, who missed 33 games because of issues with his left knee, was taken out in the final eight minutes against Milwaukee on Friday night despite the game being close.

"That 20 minutes creeps up on you real quick," O'Neal said. "and sometimes it creeps up on you in tough situations in the fourth quarter when another team is making its run and you have a rhythm. . . . I would have campaigned a lot more, but every time we made a basket, it eased me a little bit. I was fully prepared to campaign and say, 'Coach, put me in the game.' "

"I've been told by our medical people that's his limit. He said he felt great. I'm glad he felt great. Maybe we can increase his minutes. When I'm told by our medical people he has 20 minutes, that's what we're going with," O'Brien added.
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