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Default Re: Why Network play is pis$ing me off.

Originally Posted by Sonic R
Gamecube did some cool things with multiplayer but GBAs were needed to get the best out of it with games like Four Swords, Crystal Chronicles, and Pac-Man Vs.

Right, but I was reading up on Crystal Chronicles and I have Four Swords, and they're both flawed.

Four Swords won't let you play multiplayer unless everyone has a GBA. (unless i'm just an idiot and can't figure it out, but my buddy and I screwed with it for hours).

Crystal Chronicles from what I read, was so geared towards multiplayer that it was almost impossible to play as a single player game.

So yeah I guess I can say I don't fancy online play… I would rather get together with REAL friends and play games in the same room. There is just a social aspect that goes with it. Playing online with strangers is just plastic.

Anyways, the Nintendo Wii still offers multiplayer games that involve 4 controllers and 4 people in one room…

Yeah, that seems to be the biggest draw for the Wii, the interaction with other parties.

I just don't want to get into all that hand waving.

I'm not really built for these next gen consoles. I don't want all the hand waving of the Wii. I don't want to support Microsoft product, so I won't buy an X-Box, and the PS3 is more expensive than I'm willing to pay for a damn video game system.

I'm also not a fan of wireless controllers. I don't like having to buy batteries once a month, and rechargables are hit or miss. I can't even get a decent reception on my cell phone, I'm supposed to use a wireless video game system?

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