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Default Re: Why Network play is pis$ing me off.

Originally Posted by sixerfan82
It's all online multiplayer because that is what people want. And you develop for your gamers as if they aren't happy, you aren't in business.

When gamers decide they want less than stunning graphics, solid gameplay, and a different style of gameplay, you will see the games being made.

If you want a physical MP as opposed to online MP, pickup rockband or a wii IMO. Probably the 2 most fun choices you can have at the moment

That's a cop out. If you go through all the trouble to include multiplayer stuff, and then go further and add online server support, that's a crapload of extra code to make it online. It's infinately easier to make it a stand alone multiplayer game.

If they go the extra yard to get the online code done, it would take almost no effort to fix it so you can play multiplayer offline. The majority of the code is already written. All you need is a little extra interface.

I used to program for MUD's, I know a little bit about this, so your comments are really baseless.

It's a hell of a lot easier to make a game stand alone, than it is to add server support, believe me. You have to deal with socket code and all kinds of extra nonsense, not to mention dealing with all the different protocols that are being added all the time with the latest and greatest new way to get faster internet.

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