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Default Re: Name 5 reasons why this league matters

Originally Posted by JellyBean
1. A chance for women college players to play in front of their friends and families rather than go overseas and play. Of course some still go overseas and play but at least we get to see them play here in the states.

2. It is fun and exciting.

3. It gives the young ladies (girls) a chance to see that people really care about the womens game of basketball.

4. It gives basketball junkies, like myself, a few more months of basketball at the professional level.

5. At last but not least; it is a team sport. You are not merely watching five individual athletes exercise their athleticism. They are a team. It is also fun to see how accessible the players are to their young fans.

2 and 5 made me laugh

and If I want 4, Thats what NBA 2k8 is for
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