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Default Re: Why Network play is pis$ing me off.

Originally Posted by sixerfan82
It also needs to be tested, created, coded, etc. Development(even 2D) still takes some time bud

If it were written with all this in mind ahead of time, it wouldn't take hardly any extra time if the code was properly optimized. The multiplayer "in house" would act the same as multiplayer online, except you'd be offline, so no need for socket code, etc.

Lastly, i personally never enjoyed *physical multiplayer* because the screen gets divided up into X sections. It looks ugly IMO, but that's me.

Yeah, that's a drawback. Especially in homes with smaller t.v.'s But I've always found in the past, that the fun factor of playing with 3 of your buddies besides you always makes me overlook that.

Also, in deathmatch, with everyone being able to look at your screen, it makes strategy come into play.

Now, the developer that I work for produces casual games. Hopefully we will make something that you enjoy since you mentioned you don't have time to *digest* a game such as the average hardcore gamer

I've always wanted to make a video game. I have a lot of good ideas, I think. But I don't think there's a job out there where you can pretty much just tell a group of people what to make and they'll do it. Unless you run the company.

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