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Thumbs up The Stick

Livingstick (aka Stanley Livingston) agreed will be Magic light in the near future as long as

1. He stays healthy and adds some mass to his bones. Another reason for
Max to stay so the stick can work out on the weights with him.

2. He continues to learn from Sammy. Look at some of Sammy's past students and you can see why Stick could be a superstar...Steve Nash, Jason Kidd

3. His shooting improves. Last year he started to make the shot in the 2nd half of the season. He should enter the slam dunk contest this year if he continues improvement. Also his mid range jumper is becoming reliable. He can use improvement with his 3 pointer though.

4. He continues to display maturity on the court. This man has a good rep and this will help him stay focused on the future. Plus he is a very unselfish player like Nash and Magic. He is a pass first PG and he enjoys playing defensive which is actually the most developed part of his game (maybe another former PG in the Nation, Coach Dun has helped him there).
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