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Originally Posted by CaptainOwlClub
worst talent evaluation ever put on this site

this is the nba- there has been thousands of 5-10 college pg's- chris paul is a once in a generation type player- augustine isn't

he may have a jameer nelson type cieling- the cieling for rose's talent is higher than jkidd- we are talking one of many vs one in a million

dj augustine is nowhere near the level of rose- or westbrook, bayless, oj, or gordon & courtney lee

guys like augutine and lawson may play in the nba but niether will be stars- even collison is a better fit as a rotation player in the nba

augustine would be smart to return to texas and give the draft a shot nexy year when he pg spot isnt so loaded- I wish collison ould be smart enough to return- curry,jennings.....

but maybe the c paul effect will keep getting these college pg's drafted so i cant blame them from taking the jobs
What I like best about Augustin is his clutchness and mentality. I'm not from Texas, actually I'm from LA, and my team is UCLA.
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