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Default Re: ATTN ADMIN: Learn how to use your forum software

Originally Posted by insidehoops
If you see it happen, please report the post, by clicking the red/white triangle on the left side of the screen near their username

They won't know you did it, unless they're a mod, and if their name isn't listed at the very bottom of the forum just assume they're not a mod.

Also, a lot of time there's a good discussion, and people let one bad post ruin teh discussion. Feel free to just not respond to a dumb comment, and instead respond to the thread's intelligent points. When 20 random fans are takling about something, there's bound to be one or two that are clueless

Thank you for responding. I'll definitely be hitting the report button, but as a forum user and someone who's modded, I understand that there's two sides to every story, and some violations are better left untouched to let the conversation flow.

I just want to know that you guys were at least concerned with it, which I not do.
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