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Default Trying to Move On

From the Avid Memphis-New York-Miami talks, I thought I'd try to start a discussion on the starting C spot for the Grizzlies this year.

In my opinion, I see three options.

- First, the Grizz could start Pau at the four and Jake at the five as Jake showed signs of brilliance and played solid when given close to 20 minutes a game. If Jake can match this consistently again this year, the Grizz will have a solid rebounding center to help give Lawerence Roberts, and Alexander Johnson more time to work on their games.

- Second, the Grizz could start Pau at the five, and allow Roberts to earn some immediate playing time (or Johnson as his game progresses). This would put a strong, rebounding and defensive PF to play alongside a quick, and more agressive Gasol at C.

-Third, the Grizz could play Hakim Warrick at the four with Gasol at the C spot again. This is a more athletic line-up but might fit more with the style the team is capable of deveolping with the rookies on board.

Lastly, because I do not believe he will be here for long is starting Stromile either at the C or PF with Pau playing the other. This would be the most talented, but maybe the least productive of the options because of Stro's desire to not play in Memphis and his overall inconsitency.

In my opinion I think it is wiser to let Jake start at the 5 to begin the season as he plyaed extremely well last season. If he doesn't show the same agressiveness then we can look at other options with the younger guys.
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