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Default My 2008/09 Pacers Team.

First off, let me say this is MY OPINION. It's what I THINK, so don't flame me for it.

First off; address the problems on your roster:

Jermaine O'Neal
07/08 Salary: 20M
08/09 Salary: 21.3M
09/10 Salary: 23M

That's alot... TOO MUCH MONEY. Luckily he has an unrestricted ETO though.

Troy Murphy
Making around 10-12M a year for the next 2 seasons.

Averaged 12/7 on 45% shooting this year. Not worth that much money.
Jamaal Tinsley
A top PG in this league when healthy... but that's the problem, he usually isn't.

Still 3 more years on his contract.

__________________________________________________ _


Danny Granger
Young talent that has future to maybe become a 24/8 type of SF. Nice size at 6'9 230 for a SF. Can be a future star in this league, and has an extremely cheap contract.

Averaged 19/6 on 44% shooting this year.
Hopeful 2008/09 stats: 22/7

Mike Dunleavy
A 28 year old with a very similar body to Danny Granger. He's also 6'9 and will be the SG next year. Will be a nice 2nd option MAYBE 3rd. Just need him to be consistant and get around 18/5 again next year.

Averaged 19/5 on 48% shooting this year.
Hopeful 2008/09 stats: 18/5

Jeff Foster
A VERY good rebounding center. Has a 6'11 250 lb body, but he's playing in the east so he only has to worry about Howard. The Pacers just need him to clean the glass, a poor mans Marcus Camby (minus the blocks). Averaged 9 rebounds in only 24 minutes a game this year.

Hopeful 2008/09 stats: 6/12

__________________________________________________ _

2008-2009 Season Plan:
1st rd: D.J. Augustin - What can I say? You need to improve at the point.
2nd rd: D.J. White - Drafted two DJ's. Where can you go wrong?

Terminate O'Neals contract. There's no value for him.

Sign Antawn Jamison. He's not a great defender in the paint, but I think we're big enough at the 2 and 3 to help a little with that.

Sign James Jones for a nice back up at the 2 and 3 off the bench. Will provide a lot of energy due to his 3 point shooting.

2008/09 Starting Lineup:
PG: D.J. Augustin / Diener
SG: Mike Dunleavy / James Jones
SF: Danny Granger / James Jones
PF: Antawn Jamison / Diogu / White
C: Jeff Foster / Diogu / White

This is just my opinion, you may completely disagree with me.
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