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Originally Posted by jailer
YEAH THATS WHAT J-WILL HAS BEEN DOING ALL HIS CAREER.Yeah he purposely takes crappy shots so when he has the ball the other teams start laughing so much that wade gets open for easy shot.Now I understand.Oh yeah I am not sure but how does j-will wear all 15 rings think he uses his feet also.I mean he did win it all.

All we can truly say is this.... J-WILL WAS ON THE ACTIVE PLAYOFF ROSTER FOR MIAMI. HE ALSO PLAYED DURING THOSE GAMES MIAMI PLAYED. HE DID EXACTLY WHAT PAT RILEY WANTED HIM TO DO WHICH IS SHOOT THE BALL , FORCE THE TEMPO. I belive he did those things. You know when he went 11 for 11 in a must win game, I doubt if dallas was really laughing. But he did what he can to help the team he play for win, and he got a ring, not 15 rings dude. Wade was the MVP, but he got help. he didn't average 98 points, 38 rebound, 18 assists, he didn't credit for those game six "6" blocks from Old 'Zo either. He was a great player on a team oriented team.
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