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Originally Posted by PFF
Nocioni's contract is longer and bigger? You do realize that Luol Deng is a restricted free agent this offseason don't you? His price range will probably between 8-12 million a year, obviously for 6 years. That's a contract of roughly 48 mil at least. I don't know if Chicago plans on keeping him, but they are not gonna let him walk for nothing - so the only way to get him will be a sign and trade. I don't think Deng would fit into the Pacer's system very well - he can't hit the 3 consistently - he's more of a slasher/jump shooter. Nocioni made 8.5 mil this year and is an unrestricted free agent this offseason. I don't think the Pacers will sign a free agent of his stature, but Nocioni would be a better fit into the Pacer's system. That being said, I don't see how Nocioni would be an upgrade of Dunleavy. I'd prefer to keep Dunleavy. I think the only untouchable players on the Pacer's roster are Granger and Dunleavy (and to an extent Shawne Williams). Those two players fit into O'brien's system perfectly and are keepers. I'm not opposed to the idea of Deng - just not sure he's a better option than Dunleavy or even a very realistic option considering the salary and sign-and-trade buisness.
Noc has 5 years remaining on his contract, hes not an unrestricted free agent this year.

Why is it obvious that Deng will get signed for 6 years?

Shawne Williams being untouchable? I dont know about that, after all the legal issues hes had this year and after Artest and Jax...Pacers are done with thees kind of players that find themselves into legal issues. And it happened twice to Williams in a single season
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