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Default Re: First round playoff opponent…

I'd want Detroit to face:


In that order.

Toronto's pretty soft and other than Bosh, the team has already given up hope of making it to the second round. I expect Bosh to take the loss hard and start calling for help over the summer. 4-1 is a worst case scenario for Detroit, even if they slack off.

Washington hasn't had time to gel since Arenas has returned, and they don't have enough firepower to beat the Pistons in a 7 game series. Most likely series to end 4-2, but there's no way Detroit loses the series.

Philly is scrappy - moreso than these other teams. They're a few years away from contending, but they are the most likely team to fight hard for a rebound and cause an injury to a Piston. 4-2 is a worst case for Detroit, but the risk of a physical series is a greater concern.
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