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Default Re: Deltron 3030 - Quite Possibly the Best Hiphop Album I've Ever Heard

Originally Posted by RidonKs

he had a nice laid back flow... i was feelin the beat even though the drums were weak, it'd be nice to roll an L and smoke to

and this second verse...

del i'm feeling like a ghost in a shell
i wrote this in jail playing host to a cell
for the pure verbal, they said my sentance was equivalent to
just another hurdle, i bounced through a portal
i knew they had the mindstate of mere mortals
my ears morphed to receptors to catch ya
every word about gravity control
and the families they hold for handsome ransoms
on the run with a handgun blast bioforms, I am more
than a planetwide manhunt with cannons
will make me abondon my foolish plan of uprising
f**k dying I hijack a mech
controlling with my magical chance so battle advance
through centuries a hip hop legacy, megaspeed
hyperwarp to automator's crib and light the torch

they can't fight the force,
victory is ours once we strike the source
enterprising wise men look to the horizon
thinking more capitalism is the wisdom
and in prison all citizens in power with rythm
we keep the funk alive by talking with idioms
that just flowed too smooth... he was reaching a lil bit in the first verse with the vocab, but this verse was smooth. i might have to give this dude a look


didn't know this was del tha funky homosapien under just "del", i've seen him live a few times and actually met him backstage at a devin the dude concert. i've heard one album of his but it was kinda weak compared to this

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