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Default Re: Deltron 3030 - Quite Possibly the Best Hiphop Album I've Ever Heard

Originally Posted by Vragrant
As far as concept sc-fi hip hop albums go Deltron is good, but Dr. Octagon is the best IMO. Its Kool Keith and Dan the Automater. Dan Automater produced the whole thing with the exception of Prince Paul who produced one song.

Dr. Octagon set the standard for all the fans of the genre should listen to it.

I like Dr. Octagonolagyst more than I do Deltron 3030. Deltron is great, but Kool Keith is a ****ing maniac and has a twisted edge I enjoy. Deltron is very safe and poppy. Dr. Ock is on some other ****.

"Hung from a tree in Johannesburg, halo's were found at the landing site" that's crazy **** right there. I used to get stoned and listen to this album just tripping balls.
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